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July 25th, 2012

The day went well. The developer from yesterday's shouting match was in a much better mood and was among the people who thanked me for getting involved and helping to defuse the situation. I followed up with what I hope were some good further insights into our roles on the project and why we need to settle disagreements the way we do, which will hopefully help to avoid that situation in the future. At the end of the day, the manager who previously told me that I needed to work on some personality issues said that the reports have improved a great deal, which was nice to hear. Now that I'm more conscious of how I appear to other people and how I need to appear, given my position, I think I'm doing a much better job overall of interacting with people, and the confirmation helps me feel better about how I'm doing. I asked a few people to take on some responsibilities that are moving our process considerably faster, and I think I bore out my decision to evaluate all of our designs when I caught something rather interesting in one of them - the developer was using fake keystroke events to change which row of a table was selected, with a comment stating that he'd tried a particular function but couldn't get it to work. It seemed strange to me that something so fundamental wouldn't work, so I did some digging in the Javadoc and discovered that there was a different function that appeared to be a more correct way of making that selection - something like one function merely setting the internal variable that they read to figure out where the selection was, while the other generated the necessary events to its listeners. I asked him to evaluate that function for a potential redesign, and he resubmitted the design using that function. It's all about having a second, objective pair of eyes looking at what we propose to do and making sure we're doing it correctly.

I finished watching The Mutants last night, which I thought was a very good Doctor Who arc - not one that I hear much about, but I felt that it dealt with its issues well and had plenty of interesting characters, although the science, while not exactly a reversal of the polarity of the neutron flow (but very, very close), was a little hokey. But then, it always is. Sometimes, it's a relief when the answer is aliens because that means it's not a hitherto unknown property of matter and energy that happens to behave in a way nobody's ever observed before. I don't know what particle reversal is, but I'm pretty sure it would be neither an eversion ray nor an atmosphere stabilizer if it existed at all. Anyway, next up is Frontier in Space, which has to be impressive, but I can't imagine I'll have time to watch it any time soon. I forget how many months this one took.

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