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July 13th, 2012

Dark Souls, quest 1: Beaten

Yes, I finished the first quest of Dark Souls tonight. I didn't realize the game would end QUITE so soon after beating the final boss, so I probably missed some things I could have done afterward, but I managed to get back to Lordran without dying and got to use my collected souls to level up. Still one more level to go before I can use a weapon that's inferior to what I've been using as my main weapon, but I guess it's likely to increase more as I level up than the one I'm using. Seems important, too, because in the second quest, the enemies are much stronger. So now I'm starting to watch the LP of the game. It's interesting seeing the opening story now that I know what happens later on and have some context for it all.

As for work, there was another shouting match, but it all got worked out in the end. It was a misunderstanding - the guy who committed code for two tickets under one number didn't realize he could have split it up, and in the end, the only harm done was that anyone looking for the work for one ticket will have to pick it out of a second ticket. Oops. We got our stuff together in the end, and managed to put together a build that should save us a lot of time in the future, which is great. And now I suppose I should get ready for the weekend.

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