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July 11th, 2012

It's so easy to lose everything

This week has been up and down more than the websites we depend on at work. I think today went okay, and everything we did amounted to some amount of progress, particularly with management attending our CCB meeting. We got to explain our situation to them at a high level, using our trouble ticket system to provide examples, and then went into detail about some of the individual tickets and what we're doing with them. I also discovered the cause of a problem that's been taking down our systems systematically, although I still had to fail a previous ticket that purported to fix that issue - it fixed what it was meant to fix, but that caused the issue we're seeing now to happen almost every time a system is left running for too long. We've also got some big issues that should be wrapped up this week and bundled for a full system test. So here's hoping the rest of the week is up.

It's been all up in Dark Souls, at least. I think I've finally met the final boss of the game. It makes sense story-wise for this to be the end of it. I could try to take him tonight, but I expect I'll go exploring a bit first. I have a weapon I want to ascend, which means visiting a particular out-of-the-way blacksmith, and I know of at least one room that should have some good items in it if I can figure out how to get them and survive. I can return to the final area at any time with little effort, so the risk is minimal, and there are a few things I know I still need to find. Grinding a few more levels before fighting the boss can't hurt either. Well... much.

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