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July 4th, 2012

It wasn't too bad a day, despite the storm keeping me up really late last night. There weren't many people at work, but those who were there managed to get a lot done, and we're making progress on the things we can make progress on. Then I came home and finally figured out where I'm actually supposed to go in Dark Souls, after killing way too many dragons and finding a whole bunch of nothing. Some possibly interesting weapons that I'll never use, and several dead ends. Yay.

Obviously, I'm up way too late again tonight, simply because I didn't want to quit. There are over 30,000 souls at stake when I pick it up again, but that will have to wait.
I did a bit in Dark Souls this morning, including some pretty tough fights, but after lunch, I hopped on the stream and played Demon's Souls for the rest of the day. About six hours all told, I think. Now that's a vacation day. I didn't get very far in that time - three bosses down, and they were the easy ones - but it was a pretty good time, except for the severe shoulder-ache afterward. Oh well. I opened a shortcut in Dark Souls, so now I can get to what I believe is the next boss pretty easily. Just gotta fight my way past a bunch of giants. There are much greater challenges than that in the game.

At least I got my water bill paid. The drop box was right outside, and they had envelopes in it, but I'd put my check and the payment slip in the mailing envelope, so I just dropped that in. It has all the same information.

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