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June 23rd, 2012

A nice birthday celebration

It's been a fun day - I got up to Indy as soon as I could, leaving before Curt was scheduled to, but he still beat me here. He was helping Mom set up her present, a new computer monitor, though, so I played a bit of Demon's Souls from the file I've got saved here. I discovered the joys of beating skeletons to death with a shield, then managed to kill the Tower Knight in one try. The game's a lot easier now that I know what I'm doing, more or less, although I'm still terrible at it and had a couple of issues with mixing up the X and O buttons, usually while in the menus. Curt treated us all to lunch at the Black Swan Brewpub, which comes highly recommended - if nothing else, they offer six different kinds of rubs for their fries, and five kinds of dip. The sandwich was excellent as well. They didn't have the beer Curt wanted, though, so we went to Claddagh for more drinks, and with nothing better to do, we came home and I picked up where I'd left off in Dark Souls - right at the beginning. A few hours later, I rang the first bell. That game REALLY goes more smoothly if you have a clue, and I didn't. I couldn't even get a decent weapon, so I just built up the axe to +5 and figured out how to kill things when I'm not grossly overleveled and wielding an incredibly powerful weapon. It's not as easy as it sounds. I left one of the big monsters alive and it's been giving me grief ever since. Not enough to stop me so far, though. We went shopping for books after that and rounded off the day with dinner at Romano's Macaroni Grill, another great place. Good food, decent service, and flavored lemonade. Reminded me oddly of Olive Garden, but good. Upscale.

Then it was a relaxing evening of Doctor Who and Tru Calling. I'm liking David Tennant so far. That's about it.

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