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June 21st, 2012

I guess I'm judging all of my days by quality. Last night, I figured out what I was supposed to do with an item I wasted in Dark Souls (I know for next time, if there ever is a next time), then beat the boss I'd encountered the night before and escaped from. It took me longer than it should have because I'm terrible at the game, but to be fair, it was a giant fire-breathing demon with giant tentacles that could kill me in one hit, and I did so little damage with each hit that it didn't seem like I was supposed to be able to kill it. That kept me up later than I'd intended, but it's worth the fatigue the next morning to get something like that done. Shame I don't seem to be able to learn sorcery. I went to a lot of effort for no other apparent payoff, although I have to say that the Lightning Spear is incredibly strong. It started with about as much power as the sword I've been using had after three level-ups, and I upgraded it twice before even using it. So it's only a bit stronger, but stronger is better. And if I meet enemies that aren't weak to lightning, I've got the holy sword still.

But today. It was a pretty generic, average day, which is better than most of the rest of the week. I even got the great news I've been waiting for that I can't disclose yet for reasons. The guy at work who was furloughed yesterday (dunno if that's the right term for a contractor, but it can't be too far off) returned late this morning, although his hours for the rest of the week are pretty slim. Better than not having him around at all.

As for tonight, probably no Dark Souls. I've got a new area to explore this time with no guarantee of finding a bonfire, so I think I should save that until I have more time. Could do a commentary, since I won't have time this weekend and I really need to get started with the next video if I'm going to keep even the slower schedule I've set for myself.

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