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June 8th, 2012

Well, the week is finally over... for now. There's another one coming in a few days. It was a pretty quiet day for the most part, until they started having problems with a system that we really, really need to have operational on Monday. One of the hardware guys decided that when every process on the network was having problems, the best way to handle them was to contact the developer of every networked program to handle their own problem, and not to tell them about the other problems, which make it abundantly obvious that the network is at fault. I don't even know whether they got it all working by the end of the day, but that's not really my department. It concerns me, but I've got things I need to do that aren't that.

There was an interesting experience at Taco Bell, though. I went in as usual to place my order, and one of the people waiting was the textbook picture of "creepy homeless man". I try to avoid judging by looks, so I paid him no undue attention and went about my business, but as he was leaving, he turned around and started saying some inappropriate stuff to the cashier - obviously meant to be flattering, but I don't think it's ever appropriate to say things like "I'd do anything for you" to someone you're not already in a relationship of some kind with. That wasn't the worst of it, but I don't remember any other specific lines. Something about asking for her number and telling her he'd come hang around her anytime, probably. I really didn't want to stir up trouble, but I was pretty close to saying something when he finally left. And then the poor girl had to run outside after him to bring him a bag of food. I kept a close eye on him while she was outside, and I would have left the building if I had to, but he just said more stuff to her. She was pretty visibly uncomfortable when she came back in, so I chatted with her a bit just to affirm that I thought he was creepy and it wasn't all in her head. One interesting part was when she mentioned that it's tough to be a chick on the front lines at customer service, and I said it seems pretty tough to be a woman anywhere. (She said "chick", so I figured I'd leave the phrasing alone.) She tried to think of a counterexample, and the woman who'd ordered before me said she was proving my point by thinking about it for so long. Then she mentioned that this is her first job, and she's only been there for a few weeks, which caught me off guard because I've already gotten used to her being the cashier. I really have a short memory. Before I left, she said I'm her favorite customer, which was nice to hear. And before anyone reaches the obvious conclusion, I'm pretty sure she's way too young for me, like just about every woman in Bloomington. Dating is likely out of the question, but in any case, we'd have to get to know each other quite a bit more before I'd consider it. I don't know whether we have much in common. She's got a nice smile, though, and she doesn't let it slip while serving total creeps.

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