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June 7th, 2012

And maybe it'll be Friday

Today was pretty much like the end of yesterday, but all day. I didn't get as many questions as I was expecting about my new policy, nor did I get as many requests for approval as I thought I'd have to deal with, but I think people just assumed that I was telling them not to do anything and that I wouldn't approve anything. One team sent me lots of requests before I managed to explain to the lead what the procedure was. After two or three explanations, she read the E-mail, and then only had to ask those questions a few more times. Maybe I took some information to be understood when it wasn't, but I felt like I answered the same questions over and over today. Every time, she said she understood, then asked again a while later. It was a bit frustrating. The big problem was that despite not having to field a flood of questions, there were still plenty of demands on my time, which was to be expected, so it took me nearly all day to defer all of the tickets that were being worked on, and then I didn't have E-mail access for most of the afternoon. It came back just in time to keep me there much later than I really wanted to be there. Oh well. I've only got something like three E-mails waiting for me to do something about them. Hopefully I'll get to work on that tomorrow. It should be a bit less crowded, and maybe E-mail will work properly throughout the day.

On the plus side, I got to meet the new contractors on the project. I think they'll do good work.

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