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May 25th, 2012

Might even stick with the PC tonight.

Today's Bridge: Not too bad a day. The opponents made their two games, but we set them three tricks in a doubled sacrifice to offset the rubber bonus, and we had a game from an initial 5H - Ken had eight of them and I had two, but I didn't want to raise to slam, and it turned out that we were missing both minor aces, so it just made, leaving us on top by not a whole lot.

Today's Work: There had been hints of giving me a ticket to work on last week, and it finally came in this morning. It was even easier to fix than I'd expected, once I really looked at the problem, although it's only my understanding of the system and my program that says it'll work the way I want it to. I'll head to the lab to test it on Tuesday, which shouldn't take long, and then I have no idea what I'll do for the rest of the day. Maybe get started on learning everything about the system. It's pretty hard to be a task lead when you don't even really know what the system does, aside from the general overview. There are a ton of specifics that I don't know about because I've never worked with the display, either in terms of programming in it or using it. (Well, I've used it a bit to test some of the backend functions, but mostly just to look at the debug printout of messages.)

Meanwhile, it's a long weekend coming up, and I plan to enjoy it thoroughly. Probably won't get to watch Korra until Monday, since it'll probably be airing by the time I get to Mom's and we'll probably eat breakfast first thing, but I rarely manage to keep up with Twitter while I'm there, so I don't think I'll catch any spoilers. Until then, I've got a bit of time before bed and no desire to start a new arc of Doctor Who tonight, so I think I'll see what games I've got handy and play one of those.

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