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May 21st, 2012

My daily dose of acetaminophen

Today's Bridge: I drew almost the top card, which was a nice surprise, and then the cards continued to be very kind to Ken and me. The only contract that the opponents declared was a 5C Dbl, off one. I was even thinking about entering the auction, since Ken's power was behind Kevin's, but not at that level. We made a couple of contracts with nice, long trump suits and weren't set at all. That's not to say that any of our hands were particularly easy, but I made a 4S with a 3-0 trump split, guaranteeing the opponents the king, and it was fortunate that all of the other finesses worked. There was also a tricky 1NT with lots of 4-3 suits and almost nothing in clubs. We ended with Ken making a takeout double of Kevin's 1C opener, and between four little hearts and four diamonds to the ace, I bid 1H. I think Ken jumped straight to four with his S K-J-x-x H A-K-J-10-x-x-x C x-x. Kevin had the A-Q-10 of spades, guaranteeing me no more than one loser in the suit no matter how I played it. A rather amazing turn of events, I think. To avoid monopolizing the entire day with my own stories, Ken got an overtrick in a 2NT where I don't think we had much in diamonds.

Today's Work: I'm making headway through the piles of work, and nothing's forcing me to head to the lab, so I don't have to carry my laptop everywhere and can stay on base, getting my work done. My back still hurts a bit, but I think it's gotten to the point where the pain medicine is actually helping. It's manageable now, even when it does hurt. I think if I take it slow and try not to carry heavy things (I made several trips today to bring all of my stuff into the building each time), I should recover soon enough.

I posted a new Flight of the Amazon Queen video, so I'll slap that up on my LP LJ and Twitter, then get on to the rest of my evening. The Sea Devils got off to a pretty interesting start last night, so I'd like to watch more of that.

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