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May 17th, 2012

My back still ached this morning, so I went ahead with my plan to request the rest of the week off. This is going to hurt my work schedule, since I've got half a dozen things to do Monday, but it's that or carry the laptop back to work against doctor's orders. It hurt just setting it up to check my E-mail. Eventually, most of the pain has faded, but there's one spot on my back that still hurts no matter what I do to it. Also, some parts of my front are hurting now, probably due to all the slouching because I can't straighten my back very easily. You'd think the pain would indicate that I'm doing something I'm not supposed to, and that doing the thing that makes the pain go away is right, but that's obviously not the way my body works. Stupid body. I'm almost finished with the muscle relaxers, and I've been skipping the pain medicine for the most part because the pain is quite manageable now - that one spot hurts when I do anything, but it's not bad enough to stop me from doing most of those things.

I posted the Flight of the Amazon Queen thread and got a few responses so far. More may trickle in over the weekend as more people have time to check out the videos. After that, I spent some time streaming, mostly Blades of Time. I'd forgotten how to play, but it came back eventually. Let's just say that some of those bosses are nearly impossible - even when I found a strategy that seemed to work, it would take a few dozen more tries to make it work long enough to finish the job. I think that was just one boss, though. I also don't remember whether my health always recharged automatically and gave me one free refill, or whether that's only started happening since I lost a billion lives along the way. Hey, I'll take all the help I can get.

I still have the option of returning to work tomorrow if I feel up to it, but even if I don't feel any pain at all (doubtful), I think my best option is to continue staying at home and trying to avoid activities that involve lifting anything heavier than a controller. The pans of food sort of hurt. My keyboard is a risky proposition. And I'm not looking forward to trying to find a comfortable position in bed.

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