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May 11th, 2012

The nines were the cards to watch

Today's Bridge: Our opponents bragged about sitting in the seats that got all the good cards yesterday, and the first hand certainly bore that out, although Raymond bid weak support with a hand that I would likely have fudged to strong support - five trump and almost an opening hand, plus a singleton of the suit I'd managed to scrape together a bid for. Ken made a slam on that one, and I'm not convinced that he needed to lose the trick he lost, but I wasn't paying enough attention to be sure. I got a 3D with short trump - I don't remember the exact hand layout, but I think I had S A-x-x-x H K-x D Q-10-9-x-x C K-x and Kevin had S x-x H Q-J-x-x-x D A-x C A-J-x-x. I lost the ace of hearts and a spade early on, then started crossruffing. Ruffing my last spade with the ace left me with Q-10-9 of trump, and I could afford to let the king and jack take tricks, because I was guaranteed the nine at the end. Not many hands where the strategy is to pull NO rounds of trump. Raymond opened the next hand 2D, and Ken jumped to 3H, leaving Raymond nothing to do but pass - I'd have returned to diamonds, but he was understandably confused. Ken only had four hearts to his name, and I had K-J-x-x to Kevin's A-10-x. Those specific holdings are really strong, but neither of us can possibly lead hearts, so if Raymond declares diamonds, I think he's got a chance of sluffing them before we have a chance to take them. As it was, off three. They got into another 3H that I wanted to double, but I also wanted to see whether they'd go for 4H when I had A-J-10-6. They didn't. As it happened, the board had Q-8-7-3 and Ken had the remaining K-9-5-4-2. He played the king on the first trick to pull my ace, then couldn't find an entry to his hand to lead a heart through me, and I had no intention of leading hearts or letting him take a trick in his hand. When he lost count and led the thirteenth spade, that gave me the ruff for the third heart trick and off three. Kevin finished our game with a tricky 3NT, and the opponents ended the rubber but still lost due to the set points.

I got the spreadsheet that I'm supposed to work with at about 3:30. I assume nobody was expecting me to finish that today. The next Doctor Who DVD I have after the Silurians is Day of the Daleks (I've got Terror of the Autons, but I've already watched it), so if I watch that, I'm skipping the rest of the Liz Shaw season and I believe the entire Master arc as well. That's not so bad, really, but once again, I'm aware of a very wide gap in my collection that I want to fill. Meanwhile, I've got two videos for my new LP to add commentary to, which I'd like to get started on tonight.

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