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May 7th, 2012

Today's Bridge: Paul was seconds too late to dislodge me, and it's been long enough since I last played that I wasn't particularly inclined to give up my seat. I was pleased with the results, considering how out of practice I was. I may have screwed up the defense in one hand, but Dan felt the need to pull two extra rounds of trump. I think the contract was pretty easy otherwise. For my part, I played a 3H that made exactly because Kevin was marked for the king of clubs, giving me the finesse, and I gave up two spade tricks while I still had the king of hearts on the board to ruff my last spade. Kevin had the opportunity to pull both of the hearts, but wanted a diamond ruff instead. So maybe I would have made the contract either way. The fun contract, though, was a 4S Dbl with S A-9-7-x-x-x H K-x D K-Q-x-x-x to Ken's S Q-8-x H A-x D A-x-x-x C x-x-x-x. Since I'd been considering exploring slam, I was only too happy to play doubled - redoubling would probably have led to a sacrifice, and I figured we were a bit on the weak side. If only I'd known what our distribution was. Naturally, since Kevin doubled, he had the missing K-J-10-x of spades all to himself. I ruffed the opening club lead and ran a spade to the queen, pulling Kevin's ten. Not needing any ruffs from the board, I let the eight run to Kevin's jack, and he led another club, hoping to run me out of spades. Not a bad plan. I cashed the ace of spades, leaving him with the king and myself with only the nine, then ran the diamonds. Kevin surprisingly had three of them, but went ahead and ruffed the fourth round, throwing me one final club, which I ruffed to claim the last diamond and the two top hearts. Made with an overtrick. I think that double gave us the rubber, as well - we were down 500 from a sacrifice hand where Ken accidentally ducked the first round of spades and was duped by a high-low from Dan into ruffing a good diamond. Still a good bid in my opinion, and if he hadn't bid 5S, I would have.

My video encode failed overnight - again - so I decided to try a desperate tactic that I hope I never have to rely on again. I let the video encode into Lagarith with uncompressed audio this morning, producing a single 30+GB video file with the same content I want from the final version. It's about two-thirds done encoding from that into MP4, and holding pretty steady just shy of 6 FPS. As soon as it's done, I can delete the giant video and, if necessary, encode just the audio if I get in touch with Gimbal lock to do guest commentary before I officially close the LP. No idea where he's been this week. With that hopefully done, I'll be able to start work on my next LP. I'm thinking a short adventure game, most likely Flight of the Amazon Queen. If anyone has any other suggestions or requests, now's probably the time.

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