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May 4th, 2012

It was a busy enough day at work, but the real highlight was playing Rhythm Heaven at lunch. I must really suck at it, because it took almost the entire half hour to get a passing score in Lockstep. At least I got a Perfect in Fillbots to sort of make up for it. Remix 6 is patently unfair, though.

What really matters is that my final resort, which was actually the simplest one, fixed my encoding problem - I set a resource limit on the Avisynth script, and the encoding went off without a hitch and just as quickly as ever. I don't know why I needed that this time and never before, but it's a sensible approach for larger, more complicated scripts in general, and something I would have been in the habit of doing long ago had I even known it was an option. I still don't know what's changed in my system that stopped it from working without the limit, but as long as the only long-term effect is having to set a memory limit on big scripts, I can definitely live with that.

I want to test the new Kya disc tomorrow morning so I can give it to Jeff if we head to the mall today - it's been a nice change of pace the last few times, and he's looking for some Wii games that offer a bit of variety. Hopefully, I can help him find some. I can't think of many that fit the mold of God of War or Jak and Daxter, which are the ones he liked most for PS2. Maybe I can talk him into Super Mario Galaxy, which would be at least a bit of help for the tricky moves in New Super Mario Bros.. Not much in the way of variety, though. Meh. We'll see what's out there.

I managed to make it home without being rained on during the usual Severe Thunderstorm Watch, and what storms we got sounded like mostly thunder and lightning. Still makes me wary about having the computer on, but what are the chances of another power loss hitting it as hard? (Probably pretty high... I just try not to think about it.)

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