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May 2nd, 2012

Experiments with my desktop continued today - Steam came right up and reinstalled the necessary files for any games I tried to play, so no issues there, but I tried twice to encode a video that's worked in the past, and both times, it either froze somewhere in the middle or was taking so long that I had to abort the encode and give up. I don't know what the problem was, but I've got the same video encoding (using my final settings, which will at least save me time later because I won't have to reencode the video portion when I redo the audio) in MeGUI now, and while it says it will take several hours, if it even gets through the first pass, that should be good enough to leave it running overnight and expect it to finish eventually. The weather's been surprisingly good today, too. Rather hot indoors, but still nice and clear. I elected not to go buying a bunch of NES games just yet, which saved me travel time, but I played some more Prototype 2. It's still fun. The story doesn't seem to be nearly as involved as the first one was (yet), and they did away with all the randomly-appearing people with bits of the story that have to be absorbed - there are still people to absorb, but I don't think their appearances are random, and they're tied to mission sets that reward you with upgrades.

Wow... that encode is still running, but very slowly, and says it'll take over 8 hours to complete just the first video pass. I think I may be leaving this one running for days. It's still disturbingly slow compared to what I'd expect, but maybe VDub wasn't completely frozen after all. MeGUI's processing a few frames every couple of seconds, so at least I know it's not frozen. Yet. It's not as far as VDub made it into the video, which was about halfway. Guess I'll let it run overnight and see how far it is in the morning. I need to fix this, though. Taking this long to encode a video, even if it finishes, is unacceptable.

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