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April 30th, 2012

The trip back was pretty good, once I managed to get over my allergies enough to get underway. I hate traveling with my nasal rinse bottle wet, but I desperately needed it this morning. Once I was on the road, everything went smoothly enough. There were some slowdowns on the highway, it rained a bit here and there, and the wind picked up again while I was on I-65 (but still not nearly as bad as it was for the drive up), but the conditions were still pretty good. Plus, this time, I had a better idea of where I was and how much farther I had to go at any time. So I stopped just before I-465 at a travel center with a Popeye's. I think I ate too much, and spicy chicken with red beans probably wasn't the best choice, but I made it home anyway. That's when the trouble started. Unpacking was as much of a nightmare as I expected, but it was when I hooked up the Retro Duo that things really fell apart. As I was climbing around behind the TV, I accidentally stepped on the power switch for the surge protector that the computer is plugged into and turned it off while it was running. Normally, that's not such a big deal, but this time, I think it tried to eat the hard drive. The disk check found tons of errors, and the hard drive now appears to have about 10GB less data than it did previously. I'm pretty sure most of that was in the Windows directory, which is good and bad. Good because that can be restored, while some of the other data might not be. Bad because it won't boot, and my attempts to repair it have been failing. sakanagai is lending me a Vista install CD that lets me run some basic repair utilities, and using those, I discovered that my hard drives appear to have been swapped - the secondary drive is now mounted as C, while the primary drive (which was C and D) is now D and E. That would explain why Windows isn't finding the installation, although booting from the primary drive via Boot Options or BIOS also fails. So my plan for tomorrow is to open up the computer and disconnect the secondary drive, hopefully forcing it to mount the primary on C. Then I can try the repair again, and if that succeeds, then I'll reconnect the secondary drive and see what happens.

After all that, I would have been pissed beyond belief if the Retro Duo didn't work perfectly, but it does. I suck at most of the games, but I made it about halfway through level 8 of Little Nemo: Dream Master before quitting and finally found a way to progress in Dr. Chaos, which I never got anywhere in while playing on an emulator with save states. I guess having the console and cartridge helps somehow. Now I've got the diving helmet and the boots that I assume make me jump higher, which should make it possible to get through most of the rest of the levels.

Then my washing machine gave me a failure code while running one of the loads. I didn't know whether the clothes were still soapy, so I just ran a rinse cycle, which worked fine, and now the clothes are drying, much later than I'd intended. I may just have to toss them all in the hamper tonight and deal with them in the morning, or leave them in the dryer overnight. I also want to look up that error code, if I can remember where my manual is. I think it's in my room, and I think I know where, but there's always the online search.

I'd forgotten about some of the stuff I bought, like an anime-based board game, a couple new variations on Fluxx, and even more T-shirts than I remembered. I might post pictures to my Twitter account tomorrow if I feel like it.

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