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April 29th, 2012

I went back to the convention mostly out of habit, since there wasn't anything going on that I cared about other than the raffle I knew I wasn't going to win (and didn't), but I wandered around a bit and spent even more money on stuff I don't need. It was mainly games today, including Ace Attorney Investigations 2 and Vandel Busters, naturally both in Japanese. Guess I'll be dusting off that dictionary and my pathetic skills at reading from context clues. I also found a Retro Duo for $55, which struck me as a pretty good deal, so I bought a few NES games and Mickey's Magical Quest (or whatever the SNES one was called) just so I'd have a few games to go with it. I'll have a few days in town when I won't have to go to work, unless something REALLY catastrophic happens on the trip home, so I might head to Game World and look for more games I want. I even got a SNES USB controller so I don't have to put up with the 360 controller I've been using. Some games won't even recognize the D-pad on that, but they'll all recognize the SNES D-pad. I gave it a try when I got back to the room, and it works pretty well. I think it's a bit too easy to accidentally hit a diagonal when I mean to press a cardinal direction, but that was a problem with the 360 controller too.

The most important purchase to mention, though, is the anime. I don't know whether these were very good deals, but it was the end of the day and I'd stopped caring too much about prices, so I bought the complete series sets of Welcome to the NHK, Nyankoi, Maria Holic, Murder Princess, and Otoboku. Most of those are either series I've read or recommendations, but Otoboku is just one of those series that sounds like "not a guy thing" and "just there for guys to ogle" at the same time. I'm probably wrong on at least one count. Not to seem completely uncultured, I also picked up a compendium that I believe is the entire Mardock Scramble in prose for five bucks and the quarter I got in change from lunch. Between the giant Bloomington Hospital bag I brought with me to hold whatever I bought and the aforementioned Bag of Holding, I crammed in all of my other purchases except Fluttershy - I don't think she'd fit, and it seems a bit cruel to put Fluttershy-in-a-bag in a bag to be crushed. I've got an extra plastic bag in case it's raining either here or back home tomorrow, and otherwise, the bag she's already in is just until I get home. I'm going to stop talking so much about Fluttershy now.

I've concluded that Culver's makes a pretty good meal in addition to the ice cream, but either Illinois drivers in general or just the ones in the Des Plaines area (or greater Chicago) don't know how to drive, but attempt to learn as they go because they can't wait to get wherever they're going. That's probably going to be the hospital most of the time, so I hope they have good ones around here.

Now to hopefully post this entry before I have to reset the Internet connection - and that's two of the seven grammar non-sins in three words.

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