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April 27th, 2012

The first day of Anime Central... didn't go so hot. I got there at 10, which was when things opened in general, but today, that was just the dealers' room and a wedding. I decided to spend the hour before things started getting the lay of the land, so I walked around the various hotels hosting events and finally found the one where the first event I wanted to see, a panel about bad fanfiction, was going to be. It turns out the host canceled at the last minute, so I found myself with hours before anything else interesting and nothing to do. I headed for the dealers' room again, this time to buy some things (if for no other reason than to get a bag I could put my program book in). Sadly, the first booth I stopped at had lots of great anime at discounted prices, but no bags. Level Up Studios, on the other hand, were happy to supply a bag even before I'd bought anything, and my first purchase from them was a Bag of Holding, as well as some great T-shirts. I got a few more things as I went along, including more T-shirts and some games, but one of the T-shirt vendors gave me a women's shirt instead of unisex, so I'll take it back tomorrow to see if I can trade for one I can wear. If not, I don't know whether Mom can wear large T-shirts, but she'll be getting one as a gift. Heck, I might see if I can find her a good gift anyway and not resort to the usual birthday gift card (or video game) this year, but this particular shirt isn't the one I'd have chosen for her. Maybe something Doctor Who-themed. I didn't actually get any of those because the ones I found were all so much better, except maybe the "Alderaan Weather Forecast" shirt. That's just a classic joke that I love.

As for why I didn't go back today, I made it until about lunchtime before the headache was more than I could bear. I'd have taken a short rest in my room and returned if I were in a hotel near the convention center, but the shuttle back was full even at 1:45, so I didn't want to go back for a few hours and end up waiting an extra half hour to catch a later shuttle. I considered taking a shower and hopping into bed, but I elected to chill out online and watch some videos instead. Ultimately, I went to Subway for dinner (and passed on the falafel sub - sounds interesting, but I wanted something I can trust, and I'll hit the nearby kebab shop tomorrow) and will probably shower and sleep soon. Maybe I'll find a bit more to do tomorrow, as well as more reserves of energy. I just couldn't take wandering around for yet another hour and a half before the panel I wanted to see.

As for visiting anyone in the Chicago area, it would be nice, but I don't think I can manage the traffic (and the tolls), nor would I want to ask anyone to subject themselves to that. It makes the trip feel even more wasted, since all I've done is spend so much money that I lost track (around $650, rough estimate, including 13 and change for lunch), but changes of scenery are supposed to be good for you, and I'm definitely in a different place this weekend. It'll make me appreciate how wonderful it is to stay at home and not go anywhere but work and occasionally Mom's house. (Speaking of which, I was considering stopping there on the way home, but only if she'll be there - I'm pretty sure my key doesn't actually unlock her front door for some reason.)

And of course, my IP lease expired while I was trying to post the entry, and they really don't make it easy to renew. The homepage with the agreements takes forever to redirect and load... in fact, it's still loading, I assume. It took a while last night as well. I hate this Internet provider and will not stay at this hotel again (if I even return to the convention next year - although being in one of the convention hotels would definitely be an incentive).

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