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April 26th, 2012

Well, I survived the trip. I'm at the hotel, I got dinner from Culver's, and now I'm back online. It wasn't the worst trip I've ever had, but the wind was blowing my car around in a very unpleasant fashion most of the way up I-65, it took about an hour to get through a five-mile stretch leading up to an accident site (I would have sat in the car and waited for traffic to clear, but it HAD cleared when I got back on the road, and suddenly backed up again as I pulled onto the ramp), and of course, I-90 was a parking lot once I got to the outskirts of the city. The tolls, I was prepared for, although the one time I decided to try using my credit card, it waited until I'd pulled away to spit out the receipt. Hope there was nothing on it that would be useful for credit card fraud, or that the next person just grabbed it and threw it away. When I finally got to town, I found the Google Maps directions I'd printed to be very misleading and drove a few miles too far down a one-way street. Navigation to the rescue, and I was surprised to find that the hotel did in fact have my reservation. Now I'm just dealing with the aftermath of choosing to unplug the fridge instead of the microwave to plug in my laptop - seriously, no spare outlets near the desk? No power strip in the room? This is no way to run a hotel, especially one of those fancy "Suites" hotels. Anyway, I'm signed up for a slot on the morning shuttle that should arrive around the time the convention starts, and after the trip I've had, I've just got to make an effort to have as much fun as possible for the next three days. At least it's on Central time, so maybe I'll be able to manage a reasonable schedule for things like sleeping and eating.

Meanwhile, I've got Steam open and I'm amazed at just how many games I have on my list. Probably mostly from Humble Bundles, but I suppose I should play some of these. Then again, there's a reason I brought both the PSP and the 3DS... (and not Gods Eater Burst, I realized only after I'd left the house... although if that's the most important thing I forgot, I'm satisfied).

Pretty sure I managed all of my morning chores, too. I sent in the U-Verse box, popped up the road to pick up Prototype 2 (then noticed on my way out that they're taking preorders for Lollipop Chainsaw - I expect it to be bad, but fun), went to the Showers building to pay my property taxes for the year (only to be told that I could probably have paid them online - they just didn't have the system up when I went online the first time), headed to the bank for some cash for tolls and "emergency" purchases (read: cash-only dealers), and picked up lunch at Long John Silver's on the way home - okay, dinner that I intended to eat as lunch, since it was getting late and I thought I was hungrier than I was. It got me feeling confident about the trip, though... which may not have been for the best, since I took my time packing while watching Sean Fausz play some Jak & Daxter games, which is why I didn't get on the road as early as I'd have liked, but I actually never felt sick today and everything ended up working out, so that's all in the past. Three days before I have to attempt to reverse the trip!

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