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April 25th, 2012

Ugh. Just ugh.

My allergies were awful this morning, to the point that I almost called in sick just because I didn't think I could get to work on time. Still, it was my last day before Anime Central, so I dragged myself in anyway. The things I wanted to do didn't happen - everyone figured they were in good shape without me, which they are. I wrote some status reports and deleted most of a document I'd written so I could replace it with references to another document. That was my day. Tomorrow, I do my chores as early as I can (leaving the alarm set as usual), then get on the road to Chicago. I honestly am not looking forward to it. However, I've got Catch-22 on CD ready, so the drive itself should be entertaining. I just need a bunch of dollar bills (the bank is one of my stops tomorrow) and a giant handful or so of assorted non-penny change. Also, enough clothes for the weekend (all I have left to last through Monday), my laptop, the usual travel bag, and room for bringing stuff home.


At least I shaved this weekend.

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