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April 23rd, 2012

Yesterday's Manga: Air Gear 23, Sakura Hime 7, Skip Beat 27, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya 10 (at last... I've had 11 for a few months now), Higurashi: Atonement arc 4, Cage of Eden 5, Bloody monday 5, the first two books of GTO: 14 Days in Shonan, and because that didn't feel like enough for the 20% off sale, the first six books of Spice & Wolf. I'm sure someone will be pleased with that purchase. I've looked at it before and just never bothered to buy it until now.

Yesterday's Entry: We framed our shopping with meals and Doctor Who viewing, namely "Dalek", which made a lot more sense to me this time around than it did when I watched it with no knowledge of the Doctor Who universe or what was going on. I still don't think it was a very good introduction to Daleks, though. They're much more in their element in numbers, and it makes little sense to show a corrupted Dalek without ever really showing an uncorrupted one. Daleks didn't JUST kill everything - in fact, they rarely killed humans in the episodes I've seen, largely because humans were rarely a threat to them. They generally wanted to make slaves of humans or otherwise exploit them. I think The Power of the Daleks was a rare exception in that light, and even in that, the Daleks pretended to serve humans until they could build up enough strength to kill everyone, which rather goes against the thrust of Dalek and its implication that all Daleks do is kill. Maybe they became more bloodthirsty in later years. After shopping, I showed Mom some Xenoblade Chronicles. I made a bit of plot progress, so I've now got two characters in my party again, and these are the two who really work well together. I got a bunch of armor for the character who's not in the party right now - I assume she'll be back later. I got home in time to get a few things done, but obviously, forgot some of them in favor of more Xenoblade.

Today's Bridge: Not much success... we made 3S with an overtrick followed by 4D with an overtrick, but those were our only made hands. The opponents had considerably more luck (including one hand where I didn't cover Ken's 10 with my queen, which would have promoted his king - I knew it was a bad move and did it anyway, but it was only worth an overtrick for the opponents), and we had such rotten fits that even an 18-point hand with A-Q-J-7-x-x of clubs wasn't good for a contract. At least we caught them in a diamond contract where Paul elected not to pull diamonds and let Ken ruff while I kept the top spots until the end.

Not sure how long I'll continue doing things tonight - there are plenty of videos to watch, but I'm watching Paw stumble his way through Ninja Gaiden instead. I've also got The Romans ready to go, but I don't think I'll have time this week. Busy week, lots to do. Busy, busy, busy Nido. At least calling the hospital is no longer one of those things - they called me today to tell me that the account has been zeroed out and recalled from the collection agency. No word about my credit report, but I'll worry about that once I have the zeroed statement in my hands.


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