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April 19th, 2012

I can condescend better than anyone else

I got a few things done at work today, although we're still getting the hardware configured and set up properly. Half of the things I did were bringing problems to the attention of someone who could fix them. Unfortunately, one more thing had to wait until after my day off to require my attention - the cable box in my room froze up. It won't turn off unless I unplug it - and when I plug it back in, it goes right back to the frozen state with all the lights on. The good news is that it's NOT the DVR this time, so my shows are still scheduled to record this weekend, and I haven't lost the back episodes of House I haven't bothered to watch yet. Tonight would have been the perfect time, as I finally started working on the credits for the Warrior Within LP, but oh well. There aren't as many comments as there were for Space Quest, so I'm almost done with collecting names and reviewing the thread. Man, I knew so little about the game back then. I thought Cyclone of Fate was completely useless. Turns out it's really good in a lot of situations. I also mentioned some things I wouldn't be doing and ways I would break the game. Most of that happened in the opposite sense of what I said. Oops. On the plus side, I ordered the greatest T-shirt ever, which is unlikely to arrive before I leave for Anime Central, so it'll probably be sitting here over that weekend. I still don't know whether there's anything in Chicago worth hanging out for after the convention - I'll talk to some people if I get the chance and see about making arrangements. Otherwise, I'll just come home on Monday and take care of any stuff I still need to do, like paying my property taxes and sending the broken cable box back to AT&T. (To their credit, once I got it across to the support chat person that the box was completely hung and that I didn't just have the TV on the wrong channel, the process was pretty painless - telling her that it wouldn't power off when I held the power button for twenty seconds made the difference.)

I only had time for one episode of Tomb of the Cybermen last night after watching the beginning of a Paw stream, so I want to try to watch two tonight. I just have to say that Victoria sure got over the deaths of her father and not-boyfriend pretty quickly. I'll be starting the next story, The Abominable Snowmen, during the commute tomorrow, but I've already heard it before, as well as most of the rest of the Victoria episodes. (I only heard the audiobook of the novel for The Ice Warriors, which comes next, but I'll be listening to the actual episode audio this time around.) I'll probably finish the CDs I have this weekend, and then it's either back to the online library to continue with the few audio-only episodes that remain, except for the one they don't have, or I'll just listen to something else. Might be a good time to go back and listen to the Divine Comedy again, in case I do an LP of Dante's Inferno once I'm done with Warrior Within. (I doubt it, but at least that's long enough to cover next week, including the Chicago trip.)

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