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April 18th, 2012

Cooking is harder than I remembered

Today's checklist:

Delivery of new oven: Check. It showed up near the end of the quoted window, but the delivery guys got the job done quickly and efficiently, and I cooked a pizza and only a tiny chunk of my arm in it. The bottom is already encrusted with burnt stuff, but at least that's not touching the element.

Deal with the collection agency: Mostly check. I found out what I needed to write in a dispute letter and got it addressed and stamped. I just don't feel like walking to the mailbox tonight. Tomorrow morning.

Pay property taxes: Not check. They won't let me pay online. No idea why. So rather than waste another stamp on that, now that I know I need to pay by other means and that they take credit cards at the courthouse, I'll stop by next Thursday before I leave town. I figure I can't get on the road TOO early or I might somehow get to the hotel before check-in. (Not a chance.) At least I called in and learned that I don't need to report my mortgage paid off.

Play Xenoblade Chronicles: Checkaroonie. It's so much fun that I don't want to progress in the plot. I'm just running around town, talking to people, getting quests, and killing some monsters now and then.

Video editing: Dang. Knew I was putting something off. I got the effect I wanted done. The credits can wait.

Work: Didn't have time to go there with all that other stuff that came up over the week. I wasn't feeling sick enough to take a sick day, but since it was a regular leave day, I felt little guilt. I'll pick up where I left off tomorrow.

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