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April 15th, 2012

Be the leaf

It was a pretty fun day. I got caught up on Internet videos in the morning, ending with a viewing of my Warrior Within bonus video so far (needs some speedups, and perhaps a few slowdowns later) that ended abruptly when Mom called. We talked until Legend of Korra came on - I hated to cut her short in her rant about how the lanes on I-465 are too narrow for heavy wind, like we're going to have tomorrow morning, but I didn't want to take the chance that my DVR might catch the wrong channel or something - the listings for yesterday were rather messed up. It recorded fine, but I watched it live anyway, and it was as amazing as Avatar: The Last Airbender deserved. I know there were people who were skeptical of a follow-on series, but I didn't think they'd even bring up the idea unless they had something great in the works, and they sure did. I loved it by the first commercial break, and the rest never disappointed.

After that, I headed over to the mall for lunch and shopping. I got my copy of Blades of Time, which is shaping up to be reasonably fun but with some very difficult parts, and had lunch at the mall food court from a place called Happy Burger. It seemed similar to Five Guys, but instead of hamburgers and hot dogs, they have hamburgers and chicken sandwiches. And onion rings. Pretty much the same range of toppings, though, including free bacon. I just got pickles and mayo, though, so I could compare it to Chik-Fil-A. Good stuff, possibly because I got very fresh chicken. Nice and juicy, well-seasoned, a bit stringy in places.

I decided to finish Folklore instead of playing any of my other new games just yet. There's still time to get to them tonight if I want, but I'm finally catching up on the Retsupurae of Metroid: Other M, and I'd like to get down to editing that bonus video some time tonight. I should also get started watching The War Machines early this week. I've also got two DVRed episodes of House because I didn't realize it was back. I guess it's on Wednesdays now? I should check, but I expect I'll just let the DVR watch it for me and catch up later.

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