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April 14th, 2012

Today's Manga: Arisa 7, Bakuman 10, Blue Exorcist 7, Dance in the Vampire Bund 10 and 11, Durarara 1 and 2, A Devil and her Love Song 2, Dawn of the Arcana 3, Grand Guignol Orchestra 5, Pandora Hearts 7-9, Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan 8, Itsuwaribito 5, XXX-Holic 18 (which finally completes that series), and Rosario + Vampire Season II 8.

Yeah, obviously, I went to the local Barnes & Noble. I haven't been there in months, and they obviously had a few books that none of the stores up in Indy have. My coworker and friend Jeff wanted to join me for another trip to Gamestop to look for some DS and Wii games, particularly anything he could get bundled with a second controller. I need to play Flingsmash so I can tell him whether it's worth the extra $10 on top of the cost of just buying a new controller by itself, but it's that or Wii Play Motion at this point, and I can't say much in favor of any game with Wii in its title, especially as the first word. Mario Kart Wii, maybe. New Super Mario Bros. Wii, sure, but that's the pack-in with the system now. Anyway, I wanted to get my copy of Xenoblade Chronicles and wanted to head to Best Buy to look at ovens, so we met up and hit a few shops while the thunderstorm did its thing. I also spotted a game called Blades of Time that sounds like an interesting combination of Prince of Persia: Warrior Within and all those warrior woman games - X-Blades, Heavenly Sword, Bayonetta, and probably some good games as well. Unfortunately, I'd already paid, or I'd have bought a copy. The reviews sound promising - mediocre scores, but some of the complaints are things I don't care about much, and the positive aspects sound really good. I might even head back up that way to buy it tomorrow, or just wait until next weekend to buy it in Indy.

As for the oven, that will be delivered Wednesday, since that's the first day I expect to be able to take some time off - the guy said they usually deliver after 5, so I'll decide how to schedule my work day after I get my 2-hour window the day before. I'll probably request the whole day off, but only take a little time in the afternoon if I think I need to get home earlier. As for the oven I got, I'm very happy. The salesman recommended a Samsung, which has the lower heating element under the floor of the oven, which means it won't get dirty and break like the one in my old oven, and it's got the ceramic top with dual-powered burners for quick heating of soups and water (which is most of what I cook on the stove), as well as a steam clean setting in addition to the traditional self-clean. It's even got settings for cooking specific things, like crispy pizza. I wouldn't mind doing that again. They price-matched to Sears' $629 for the same model, which I definitely appreciate, and the delivery and haul-away are free. I just have to remove the pans from the drawer before then and clean up the general area.


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