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April 12th, 2012

Not too bad despite how I woke up

Ugh. Every time you think you've had a bad day, you have a worse one. I had a very uncomfortable early morning and was really late getting out of the house. Good thing I was only driving to the lab. I had a surprisingly productive day. My plan was to work on the driver I've been researching to see how much of it I could get done in a day. (Not working sloppily, anyway.) I ended up getting it to compile with all of the features I think it needs - it could use some improvement, and I have no idea whether it works, but if I had the device to connect it to and wrote up the configuration file properly, I think it would do what it needs to do. I also don't have our actual version of one of the libraries I used - I'm using a version that I downloaded and compiled myself, so it took some Makefile fiddling and permission granting before I could make it work. I'll have to get rid of that to have a proper driver. Still, the technologies I was merging were surprisingly simple to use. I might even bother to eliminate some magic numbers.

Only about half an hour of raw footage left to pull from, and then it's time to edit down what I have a bit further - speed up some parts that don't need to run at normal speed, maybe trim out additional parts that I left in just because they were short and came between two scenes that I was going to have in the video anyway. It's over 40 minutes as it is, and I might still put in some scenes from the final boss fights. There's one really long scene that I know I need to edit heavily, though, and another short one that I need to add.

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