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April 3rd, 2012

Recovering from a misplay

Today's Bridge: I think Ken and I had a pretty competetive day. Aside from one hand that I probably shouldn't have left in 2NT (although he said that his 2H response was a mistake), where we were off three and I can't imagine there was much he could have done to stop it, we made the crucial hands and set our opponents effectively enough. I had an opportunity to bid slam, but ended up stopping short at 5C because we didn't have hearts stopped. I forget which trick we lost, but the opponents held their ace for two rounds, letting me walk away with the overtrick. I did screw up a later hand, but I got lucky and made it anyway. I was playing 3D with S x-x H x-x D A-K-Q-x-x C K-x-x-x facing S Q-J-x H K-10-9-x-x D x-x-x C A-x, and after losing the two spades and two hearts, I took the club lead with the ace on general principles. Oops. I imagine you can see where I went wrong. Fortunately, my plan to pull two rounds of trump, cash the king of clubs, ruff to the board, cash the queen of spades, and ruff a heart back actually didn't result in a ruff with the jack. The clubs and spades split (as they were likely to), and Dan had both the jack of diamonds and the heart void to my right - he could ruff, but I'd overruff. Still, leaving the ace of clubs on the board lets me quite safely pull all three rounds of trump and cross to the top cards over there without any risk (aside from the 4-1 trump split, but there's nothing I can do about that anyway). I rather liked my spade lead against a 4S hand - Dan had bid spades every time, so I figured I'd throw my singleton spade to pull one from the board. Had I not done that, I believe Dan could have run two heart tricks and ruffed a heart to make the contract.

Today's Work: The centerpiece was a rather interesting training session - the kind that we weren't allowed to bring cell phones to, but which nevertheless began with a warning to silence our cell phones. Dang. I left mine in the car, and it's a fifteen minute walk. Do you mind waiting until I get back, or just giving me credit in the meantime?

I'm still hoping to have time for both Skyward Sword and Doctor Who tonight, but I haven't even finished reading webcomics, so I'll have to hurry.

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