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March 30th, 2012


Today's Bridge: We didn't score any points, although we had at least two opportunities. In a 4NT, Keith just needed to lead not a heart to Ken's top hearts - a spade to my good spades would have been ideal, but he started with a diamond, so the spades took an extra round to set up. A club to the board's A-K-x-x-x and spades would also have done it - my Q-x-x of clubs guarantees an entry to the spades. I believe you can guess what he led. The last hand was the most painful one. I had S A-x-x H A-K-7-6-3-2 D A-Q-x-x. I considered opening 2C, but that's a bit too optimistic, so I stuck with 1H. Ken jumped to 3C, and Keith responded 3H, giving me slam aspirations. I cue-bid 3S, and Keith even asked what that meant, then inexplicably decided to bid 5S. With no more room to bid and an apparent promise of tons of strength and excellent spade controls, I had no choice but to bid 7H. His actual hand was S J-x-x-x H J-10-9-8 D 8 C A-x-x-x, which is indeed a good fit, but far too weak to be bidding 3H and way, WAY off the mark for 5S. I sluffed a spade loser on the ace of clubs, and both the king of diamonds AND the spades fell, so 6 was easy to pull off, but I couldn't get rid of the other spade. I prefer a 4H response, indicating weakness but a good distribution, and I think I'd still jump to 6H just because. Having bid 3H, the proper response to 3S is 4C, to which I bid 4D, and Mike recommended 5D to indicate the singleton, but I preferred 4H. I believe I'll jump straight to 6 after either anyway. The opponents, meanwhile, bid 6 and made 7 in one hand and had no trouble making contracts otherwise.

Hoping to get together with one of my coworkers sometime this weekend and show him Rhythm Heaven Fever - he doesn't have a Wii and doesn't plan to get one, but we're also going to see if we can find a couple of copies of the DS version - assuming he likes it. That's a pretty safe assumption. I don't know how it's possible not to like it. Perhaps someone who's blind and/or deaf wouldn't be able to appreciate it, but then, most games lose something without the sound, particularly the music, and I can't think of ANY games really suited for the blind. Rhythm Heaven Fever probably comes as close as it's possible to, and even then, you'd either need someone to read the instructions or a ton of patience for practicing until you figure out what you're supposed to do. You'd also need to memorize some of the games without the visual cues to tell you what you're supposed to be doing.

And there was a brief thunderstorm that I guess must have warranted the watch. I got my dinner well before that, so no concerns.

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