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March 29th, 2012

Better day

Today's Bridge: Mike managed to join us at noon, so we started an hour late. I felt like I was owed some good hands, and I got them. I think I had a bid to make in every hand, including the ones that the opponents declared. They made a 4H easily enough when we had three spade tricks off the top and nothing else, but that was about it for them. I think they set one of our contracts, which I was happy enough with, although I think Dan made a mistake by ruffing the thirteenth diamond - pulling trump usually makes those good for tricks without needing to waste trump. For my part, I got to play a couple of tricky contracts with bad trump splits. Mike complimented me on my safe play for making both of them, but really, I think it was just natural. The auctions gave me the impression that the splits would be bad, so I played conservatively, ruffed from the short hand when I could, and set up my winners carefully to force the opponents to ruff with their top trump while I could still get control back. I also got to ruff with the king in a spade contract... it was singleton and the ace was still out there, so it was the play guaranteed to give me that trick.

Today's Work: I'm getting the idea of what's going on. Large amounts of nothing. I don't think there's a good way to spin that for the status reports.

Maybe I was too precipitous in setting my alarm back fifteen minutes this week... although I've found myself staying up later for all the wrong reasons since I made the drive to turn in earlier, so that's probably the main problem. I should fix that.

I even remembered to take the long way to work this morning, although that wasn't my intention. I forgot on the way home, when there was a report of a huge accident on the short route, which had the road closed for a while. Nobody said it had been cleared up, but I left a few hours after that, and while traffic came to a stop several times for no reason I could see, there was no stoppage. I stopped for a Chicken Pizziola sub in the neighborhood... but that's just a standard dinner that doesn't require a working oven at home to make.

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