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March 26th, 2012

Today's Bridge: Considering that the opponents underbid at least two guaranteed slams (Mike disputes me on one, but Dan had a heart void to cover my A-K-J-10-x, leaving the ace of diamonds his only loser), and I think Ken underplayed a few of our hands, although I don't think we had many makeable contracts to begin with. The only hand where it really made a difference was a 5C we were defending. I started with a diamond into Dan's A-K-Q-x-x-x-x or so, and Mike pulled trump in two rounds, ending with my queen and Ken's king. I was holding the remaining two aces and Mike had one card in each suit, so whether Ken guessed hearts or spades, we were good. Instead, he led a diamond, the one lead guaranteed NOT to defeat the contract. The obvious suspicion is that Mike is unlikely to have a diamond, so leading a diamond puts him on the board to run the rest when he has no other obvious entry, and since I just threw the queen of clubs on Mike's two, I clearly don't have another club to ruff with. Ken seems to be upset when I point these things out, but it's just bad strategy in general, not even specific to that hand. When it gives the opponents an overtrick in a hand that we should be setting, that just makes that instance seem even worse to me. Anyway, Mike liked our final auction. I had S A H Q-x-x D K-Q-x-x C A-J-x-x-x, so I opened 1C, and Ken jumped to 2H. I responded 3D, he bid 3H, and I figured hearts would be trump, but I bid 4C anyway just to see if he liked a minor. He corrected to 4D, so I figured hearts had to be the suit and jumped to 5H. He raised to the slam and ended up losing the king of hearts to an offside finesse, as well as the queen of clubs and a spade. Mike and I went over the play and tried scenarios like ruffing spades early, but I think 5 may be our limit even so.

I spent the evening re-encoding a video rather than working on a new one - I didn't like the way my effect at the end looked and re-darkened it, which means I have to re-encode the whole thing. It looked fine in the preview, but the final video looked a lot lighter. It's also twice the size of the preview, which makes it look clearer. This time, I used the final encode settings for the preview, and that looks acceptable. I hope it doesn't change again in the final video. Anyway, I'm hoping for more Doctor Who tonight - watching the first two episodes of The Aztecs last night made me want to write that review series if only for a specific line that occurred to me as I was thinking about it the next day. The whole thing begins with the TARDIS inside a tomb. Barbara opens a one-way door, and instead of holding it open, Susan goes back inside to tell the others about it. They come out to find the door closed - obviously, that means it closes by itself. So they all leave the door and let it close. Oops. So when Susan later screws up and gets sent off to seminary, only to screw up her education AGAIN, I want to say "You know, maybe if they just kill her, she'd be useful as a doorstop. Then again, she proved in the last episode that she can't even do THAT properly." It probably works better in video form, but then, I don't have the time to do video reviews.

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