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March 21st, 2012

So few Bridge posts anymore

Today's Bridge: Back to it, and I had enough good hands to make a good game of it. The opponents also went for an early 4S and missed it by two - I think it should have been closer than that, but Dan didn't set up board entries for Mike's long clubs. We got two 3S contracts (with overtricks) for a game, then Paul made a difficult 1NT to put us within a cheap contract of the rubber. Finally, I had S K-Q-x-x-x H x-x-x D K-Q-x-x C A. I started with 1S, Paul responded a predictable 2C, I bid 2D, he bid 2H, and I bid 2NT. Dan doubled that, as he usually does for any rubber contract that he thinks may stick, and Paul's redoubled took away any thought I might have had of returning to a suit. I don't think his H K-Q-J-10-x D J-10 C K-Q-9-x-x-x was really suited to redoubling, though. I think it was impossible to find our heart fit, particularly lower than 4, but 4H works really well. I don't think we have to lose more than two or three aces, and Paul's hand offers plenty of entries in hearts to run the clubs. Instead, I got Dan's opening diamond lead with the ten and had to lead a club across to my ace, then back to the jack of diamonds, which surprisingly held. Two club tricks left Dan holding the ten, and while I considered trying to pull the ace of hearts early, I felt that holding the hearts I had was a better idea and pulled the last club, leaving myself with only the K-Q in both spades and diamonds, with both aces still missing. Fortunately, Dan cashed the ace of diamonds, then switched to a spade, which I took. I ran a heart, which Mike took with the ace immediately to lead a spade back to Dan's ace. I think Dan had one more spade to cash, after which he had to lead a diamond to my king, and I had a heart left to lead to the board for the rest of the tricks. I think they can set me if Dan pulls my last diamond instead of leading the spade, because he's got one more diamond to cash after he takes the ace of spades. Maybe that just holds me to the contract. Attacking spades sooner might work as well - I have to sluff some clubs from the board, and Mike's five spades were bigger than most of mine.

Today's Work: I finally got an assignment to read up on a component that we need a driver for... suddenly. Seriously, nobody seems to have known that this thing existed until this week. I know of a library that may be very useful, and even an entire driver for exactly this type of component (but a very different model) that I probably still have the code for on my laptop. It's too late to have the library added to our suite of libraries, but I think we have the leverage to say that if they don't let us use it, they don't get their component. This is why we're supposed to know things before locking down the system.

Still spending most of my free time playing Rhythm Heaven... I finally scraped a pass in Remix 7 and unlocked the credits and the final extra mode that I'm never going to have enough medals to use. Also concluding that nobody reading this LJ has any interest in Doctor Who, which isn't too surprising. On the plus side, someone at work pointed out that I might be able to replace just the heating element in my oven instead of replacing the whole thing. That will definitely save time and money in many respects... but it also means I won't be getting that upgrade. Probably still going to go that way. At least I think I'm getting the hang of using the toaster oven. Might just stick with that for my stuffed chickens from now on. It's probably a bit faster at preheating.

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