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March 20th, 2012

Today's Bridge: I showed up to draw out. Predictable.

Today's Work: Equally predictable.

I started listening to The Daleks' Master Plan again this morning, only to discover that the first CD contained only the Mission to the Unknown episode followed by the Peter Purves interview that talked about things that happen in the serial - stuff like who lives and who dies. It was an interesting interview, but I'd hate to have heard it if I hadn't already listened to this serial and didn't know all of that information. I sort of understand separating the standalone episode onto its own disc, but if it means putting the interview with the spoilers BEFORE the rest of the story, maybe that's not such a great idea. I suppose most people will just have to read the track list and surmise that they should listen to just the episode, then the rest of the serial, then go back to the first disc for the interview.

And on that note, I've been considering a project that would both force me to devote some time to watching all of the Doctor Who DVDs I've been collecting and also hopefully provide some entertainment - a series of reviews, serial by serial, in chronological order, of the entire series (with obvious limitations - I'd have to skip Planet of Giants unless the DVD comes out here before I get to it, which is possible). I don't know how much detail I'd go into in text - not as much as video review series, I'm sure, but probably a full plot summary, complaints about inconsistencies as I go along, and all the trivia I've learned from watching the episodes and doing my research, particularly a perspective on what the series was like WITHOUT knowledge of its future. I plan to listen to commentaries and watch at least some of the bonus features if I go that far. It would probably be of most use to people who are interested in the series but can't get the DVDs and CDs for whatever reason, but might be entertaining for those who have watched the series and just like reading reviews in that style. Would anyone who still reads this be interested in that? Nothing says I have to do it on LJ, of course... I might start a blogspot for it or something.

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