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March 19th, 2012

Now I'm cooking with toast

Today sucked. Last night, I think I got even less sleep than usual, including waking up twice and not being able to get back to sleep. I'm hoping I was just dehydrated and hot and can fix those problems tonight, but I was going to call in sick if I didn't have to be at a meeting. I considered it even so. I was hoping that just getting out of the house might help me wake up, but it didn't. So I had very little to do all day, particularly with the E-mail service down and most of the team either on vacation or not working on the project due to funding problems. I finally got home and started pre-heating the oven, as usual, only for the heating element to melt. Fortunately, I smelled the burning element and turned the oven off before it could start a fire, and most of the food I have is small enough to fit in the toaster oven, but I'll have to reduce the cook times or temperatures, because my chicken burned pretty badly following the directions for the regular oven. I might just have had the rack in too high a position. Meanwhile, I've been needing a new oven anyway - this one wouldn't come clean. I can probably get a really good one, but I don't know when I'll have the time to go shopping for one, and I'll also have to arrange delivery when I can be home for it. That won't be this coming weekend. The hardest part might be remembering not to turn on the oven in the meantime... I should probably unplug it, but I'm not sure I can reach the plug easily. And I can probably technically use the stove in the meantime, if I buy something I can cook on the stove. Might do that for next week. I could potentially go back to making Helpers now that I'm keeping milk in the house. Anyway, it's a pain and an expense I could potentially have avoided by taking better care of the oven, but nothing world-stopping. Just a really lousy day.

Also, I was maybe a few minutes from the end of the Doctor Who CD when I stopped listening. Tomorrow, I get to listen to those few minutes before I have to swap CDs. That's only a tiny bit annoying, but it's the kind of day when those little things seem worth complaining about.

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