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March 9th, 2012

Today's Bridge: We got mostly terrible hands again - I got to open and declare 1NT, and that was my good hand. I made at least one terrible bid, but with my partner opening 4D and me holding S Q-x-x-x H A-Q-x-x-x D 2 C Q-x-x, I was hoping we might find a major fit, or failing that, play game in diamonds. So I bid 4H. Paul passed with the singleton king of hearts, and his diamonds were headed by Q-J-10-9 and some. He did have the ace of spades, but that didn't give me many entries, and pulling trump was more or less impossible. I think 3D was a better opening bid, since he's got two likely losers in trump and only one side trick. There was also a 3D balance when 2S would have given the opponents their second game. The good news is that we had perfect defense in a 3NT contract, even down to Paul holding the ace of hearts up, and we set them four tricks. I couldn't double, and they could probably have run to a trump suit, but at least it would have offset some of our 1700 points in losses.

Today's Work: I got a new assignment. Tough call how much effort it's going to take, but I've got permission to work beyond the deadline because this is the task that was put on hold despite our warnings that it wasn't a good thing not to do. I'll get to work on that in earnest next week.

I had the opportunity to have Doritos Locos tacos tonight at last. They tasted pretty good, but the shells fell apart while I was trying to eat them. I think getting the supremes was a bad idea - the sour cream probably weakened them. Getting them without sour cream and applying my own at home might help the shell remain intact, and I wouldn't have to worry about the tomatoes. Still, they were better off than the taco that got put in the bag upside down. I had to scrape most of it off the quesadilla wrapper. Still tasted okay.

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