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February 19th, 2012

This weekend's manga haul: Afterschool Charisma 5, Air Gear 21, Bakuman 9, Black Bird 12, Bloody Monday 4, Blue Exorcist 6, A Certain Scientific Railgun 3, Dawn of the Arcana 2, Deltora Quest 4, Dengeki Daisy 8, A Devil and Her Love Song 1, Fairy Tail 17, Higurashi: Atonement Arc 3, Hyde and Closer 7 (the last of that series), Kamisama Kiss 7, Kannagi 3, Library Wars 7, Mardock Scramble 4, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya 11 (I still need 10, and nobody had a copy of it), Negima 33, Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan 7, Omamori Himari 6, Otomen 12, Sakura Hime 6, Shugo Chara-Chan 2, Soul Eater 8, @ Full Moon 2, and the final volume of XXX-Holic, which I also can't read until I find the previous one. I can try the local B&N when I've got time, but I suspect I'll be ordering those two missing books online soon.

So I've got a nice big stack of manga again, plus two more I can read if I find the missing ones. I also bought a bunch of new games - Rhythm Heaven Fever, The Kore Gang, and Fragile Dreams for the Wii, and the Jak and Daxter collection for the PS3. Then there were a few more Doctor Who DVDs as usual, plus that Eerie Indiana boxed set I didn't get to buy last time, and a couple of books that looked interesting - the latest Darwin Awards, which I guess is over a year old, a new Louis Sachar book that seems to have at least something to do with Bridge, and The Hunger Pains, a parody of The Hunger Games by the Harvard Lampoon. I wanted to get Nightlight as well, but they only had one copy of that, and Mom bought it. Barnes & Noble didn't seem to have it - they had a different author's Breaking Yawn, but that was a sequel to New Moan, which they didn't have, and the one they had didn't look that good. The Hunger Pains, at least, was pretty funny as far as I read, and that was just the first page.

I decided to stay through most of the morning, showing Mom the first disc of Everybody Hates Chris for reasons that are probably too complicated to get into and nobody wants to hear, but mainly because I really wanted to use up the chips and salsa we bought way back on New Year's Eve for the next time I visited. Unfortunately, it was right after breakfast, so I wasn't really hungry. Instead, I brought the salsa and what remained of the queso home. I also finally found where Pringles are in my local Kroger - the aisle next to where the rest of the chips are. But I'd already picked up a bag of Sun Chips to go with the tortilla chips I brought home, so I didn't get any. Probably should have, since it's not like they'll expire if I don't open them, but I can get them next week. They also FINALLY restocked the variety of stuffed chicken that I've been waiting to get again, so I bought two, and one of them's in the oven right now. Should be finished pretty soon.

Also, I'm going to work tomorrow. The task lead told me to go in, but I think I would have gone anyway. Who needs holidays, right?


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