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February 17th, 2012

It reminds me of Mega64.

Today's Bridge: We spent most of the first rubber with absolutely nothing, then swept the next rubber with two straight games. Ken tried for a slam in hearts even though I was a bit weak, but we were missing two aces and made our 5 exactly. Then I bid clubs three times, including a jump, with S Q-x-x H Q D A-Q-x C A-Q-J-x-x-x or so, and Ken finally raised me to 5 with S A-K-x-x H x-x D K-J-x-x-x C 10-9 or thereabouts. The club split was 4-1, so even though the finesse worked, I couldn't dislodge the king. I let Kevin have it on the fourth round, and he cashed their one heart winner to finish the contract for us.

Today's Work: The GUI for testing my driver wasn't ready, and the guy making it estimated that he'd be finishing on Sunday. I was pretty confident about what I've done so far, so the task lead gave me the okay not to go in on Sunday, freeing up the weekend for a trip to Indy. He'll E-mail me on Sunday to let me know the status, so I can decide whether I need to go in on Monday, which is otherwise the last holiday for three months. Have I mentioned that the federal holiday schedule is stupid? Why can't we have something like Veterans' Day in March and Columbus Day in April or something, to spread them out a bit better? Anyway, I could really use the extra time to get some video work done, so I'm hoping for good news, even though I'm pretty sure I'll be going in on Monday. Even if it happens to work perfectly, which is impossible, there are things I should probably add to it. Like fault reporting. It would be a good idea to report when there's a device fault. I expect that they'll ask me to do that, anyway.

Meanwhile, check out this video if you remember the original Prince of Persia.

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