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February 14th, 2012

Therefore, I am.

Today's Bridge: I actually drew the high card today. Unfortunately, that was pretty much the only high card I drew. We did get one big hand, though, where we accidentally bid a makeable slam. Mike had opened 2NT, and I had S K-x-x H x-x D Q-10-x-x-x C A-K-J or so, so I jumped to 4D. Mike responded 4H, which wasn't a good fit, so I bid 4NT to let him set the level of the contract. He bid 5S... still no fit, so I bid 5NT. He finally settled on 6D, so I left it there. It turned out that he thought I was bidding Blackwood. He had S A-Q-x H A-Q-x-x D A-K-9 C Q-x-x or thereabouts. Ken had four diamonds to the jack to my left, which made my choice to start with the A-K a mistake, but the heart finesse worked, so I still made the slam. It makes 6NT the same way, with me running the diamonds immediately. The worst case is a heart lead, at which I have little choice but to run the finesse - the heart is my obvious loser, so giving it up early makes sense. The opponents missed a slam in the final hand - I don't think we could have defeated it.

Today's Work: I finished up a few things on the side project. I still have to do one more thing with the documentation tomorrow, but I don't even know whether it will matter in the end - the information provided by the new command doesn't even make it into the system as far as I can tell. Big deal, right? Anyway, the other thing I discovered is that sending a certain command when the device is in a certain state will cause it to register a communication failure. I just disabled that command while in that state. Simple fix for a stupid problem. Back to staring at XML schemas starting tomorrow, I guess.

Otherwise, it wasn't too bad a day. The snow wasn't a problem for the commute, there weren't many videos to watch, so I have time to record another commentary tonight, and my performance evaluation was glowing as always. If only the mail system didn't choke on it when I tried to sign it... but I think it got through eventually. I think.

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