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February 11th, 2012

The day got off to a slow start - I got to work a bit after 8, which is a bit later than I've been managing all week (still preparing to be able to set my alarms forward an hour and still be able to get to work on time), but nobody was there, and I didn't want to mess with hardware alone, especially since my strong suspicion was that the problem was not with my software, and I wanted at least another pair of eyes on what I was doing to help me make sure. One of the managers actually got in shortly after I went by his office, so I didn't find him until I was making one final sweep in preparation to give up and leave. Instead, every time it seemed like things were so broken that I should pack it in, things started going right. I had to run the interface middleware many times before it finally connected to the device, and then I closed the portion that I thought was causing the issues yesterday. Instead, it turns out that I need that running to connect, so I had to run it another dozen times, toggling power to all the components until I finally had it working. Then I had to get my software running in the same network to connect to it, and finally, I could inject some commands into the system to make it do things. And somehow, it worked. I had a few small problems (including a missing space in the name of one of the commands), but I fixed those and managed to make most of the commands run. One of them didn't seem to do anything, but it didn't tell me that it was an invalid command, either. There are things I should try, but I need to do more research to set them up, and I felt that I'd put in enough time today. The remaining portions will be easier to test with a GUI, which should be coming soon. I'll have to decide whether to implement that new feature pretty soon, because that wil affect the GUI, but I think we'll be fine without it - the device does what it's supposed to do and gives us data that I know the system is processing, if not completely or entirely correctly, so I believe we're in good shape for my portion.

Meanwhile, my hair continue to take over my entire head while I don't have the free Saturdays to get it cut. I bet the next Saturday I manage not to go to work, I'll be sick again. It's only fitting. I could go tomorrow, but I've got a lot of weekend left to condense into one day, even though I took care of a lot of it tonight.

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