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February 9th, 2012

Today's Bridge: Quite a few interesting hands today, including a 4NT that I shouldn't have made. My total diamond holding was Q-x-x and A-x, and I ducked the ace on the first trick, managing to get the queen. I had five-long holdings in two suits to set up, but I was missing both kings. I ran the finesse to pull Ken's king of clubs, and instead of leading a diamond, he led a heart, which pulled Mike's king. Once that was done, I had the rest of the tricks without needing to worry about the king of spades. I also got to play a 4H with a 4-1 trump split at the end. Mike considered doubling, but didn't, and that was a good decision. I believe I made an overtrick. Had I known how strong Paul's hand was, I'd have bid slam. We had all of the aces and kings, but were missing most of the queens and jacks. I lost the jack of hearts to the split and a spade while setting up Paul's 5-long holding. I had three, so it was unavoidable. It was an easy slam to bid, but impossible to make. For our part, I doubled a 4C on the strength of A-K-x of clubs and the ace of spades, but we barely set it one trick when Ken let Paul take the king of hearts. I don't think he needed to do that, based on the discussion after the hand.

Today's Work: Not that the news could have gotten worse, but it's been getting steadily better throughout the week. The testing tomorrow will be taking place right in the building where I work, so I don't need to find the testing range yet. I figure I'll pop down to see whether my stuff works, or whether they can even test it - it depends on some other factors that they may or may not have sorted out by then. If I've got major problems, I might have to go back on Saturday to work on them, but if it's working as far as we can tell at the end of the day, I've been granted permission not to go in over the weekend. Of course, Mom's not feeling well, so I probably can't go visit her either, and I think next week may already be off the table. At least I can finally go get my hair cut. I've been needing it for a long time. On the other hand, the main project (which is the reason they're not loading me with work on the side project) has thrown some work my way, so I've got something to do during the work day so I can leave that for overtime. And I can even do some overtime tomorrow and just grab dinner on the way home or something if I have to.

I've got a video encoding that I really hope will be the most boring one of the entire LP. I fight some strong enemies with a broken sword, then get a really strong sword just in time to fight a bunch of enemies that block everything and take forever to kill. It was hard to find enough commentary to fill the video once, let alone for a second take.

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