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February 2nd, 2012

Today's Bridge: I went to work just long enough to verify that there were four other people to play Bridge, then I came back home. I filled out a form to allow me to work at home, which is intended for evenings and weekends but might cover me for sick days as well, but until it's approved, I can't do much more than check my E-mail. For once, I'm frustrated by NOT being able to work. On the other hand, it's given me some time to enjoy FFXIII-2 and generate a buffer of Warrior Within videos, because once I start having entire days when I can either drive to work and back or just work from home, I'm officially on six-day work weeks. Probably seven, given the amount of sick time I've taken. Actually, make that nine. Nine work days a week might just be enough to cover the amount of work I have to do this month. Pity I've only got enough overtime allowance for... six full days of weekends and two hours extra. The mandatory Saturdays are three or four of those.

The worst part is that most of the time, I'm feeling about as well as I usually do - congested coughing, very low appetite, occasional dizziness - they're all things that I'd just ignore if not for what I went through on Tuesday morning and my fear of a sudden relapse of any number of things. I could well wake up tomorrow and feel perfectly up to going to work, get through my morning routine, and feel almost but not quite sick enough to stay home. Heck, that was TODAY. I felt wrong enough to come home, and the worst that's happened since is that I barely managed to eat one slice of pizza for dinner and still don't feel particularly hungry. Last time I lacked an appetite, I didn't feel hungry at all, then got really sick a few days later. This time, who knows? Even if I DO start throwing up or something, I might just screw it and go to work anyway, because by the time I get there, I'll be perfectly fine again. I'd suspect environmental issues at home, but today sort of counters that idea. I'm clueless, I'm tired of sitting at home being useless, and I don't want to raise my quota to ten work days a week.

FFXIII-2, of course, will consume hours at a time for what little time remains to me. I managed to kill a Feral Behemoth - once. Still haven't managed a full-grown Adamantoise in XIII proper. I know I'm doing something wrong, but I see no reason to revisit it anymore.

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