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January 20th, 2012

Today's Bridge: Amazingly, we had enough people, and Mike and I managed to make some unlikely hands. I had to bid diamonds three times with S A H x-x D Q-J-10-x-x-x-x-x C x-x - probably an honor in one of the doubletons, but nothing great. Mike had S K-x-x-x H A-K-x-x D K-x C A-x-x or so, so the contract made with no problems. I got a tricky 4S Dbl later on where I can't imagine I should have made it - Raymond let me have the king of clubs on the first trick, which guaranteed me the queen as well as a final club trick at the end when our 4-4 split matched their 3-2, but that was an overtrick. I think I just lucked out somewhere along the way. My last contract was a 3S with even more luck - Raymond held the long spade to my right, so I was able to take advantage of a crossruff without worrying about him overruffing, since the board's short sut was the one both opponents had bid. Even so, I have very little idea how I managed to pull out nine tricks. I thought Ken was solid for his final 4S, but the trump split was against him for two lost tricks, he let me have the ace of clubs on the first trick despite the board's void (to set up his K-Q for two more tricks), and he took the ace of diamonds early to set up Mike's king. I'm pretty sure that Mike led a heart rather than a diamond when he took the ace of spades, but if he led a diamond, I don't know whether there was anything Ken could do about it. Ruffing that first club would probably have helped - he'd avoid the club loser, and should be able to sluff clubs on the board's A-K-Q-x-x of hearts after giving up the two spades and a diamond. That assumes that he counts two potential spade losers and one almost guaranteed diamond and decides on the opening lead that he can't afford to lose the club.

Today's Work: I was expecting some winter weather and thought about leaving early, but every time I do that, there's no snow at all. So I stayed, and as of now, there still hasn't been any snow. Some rain now, which will freeze overnight, but no snow. I can't complain about a lack of bad weather, but they've been calling for it all winter and it hasn't come. I can't trust Weatherbug anymore. As for work itself, I looked at some reviews for next week. One of them has a major problem, but there are plenty of small ones that look good.

Dad called to wish me a happy birthday today. He was a bit concerned about my job situation, but I still think I'm in a better position than most people.

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