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January 7th, 2012

Today's Bridge: We rounded up enough people to play, and I declared almost every hand. Kevin opened the first with 2C, but I only had S A-9 H 10-x-x-x-x C J-9-x-x-x-x, which is great distribution but lousy strength. I made the negative 2D bid, he bid 3D, I bid 3H, and he attempted to close at 3NT. I really didn't like that, so I bid 4C. He bid 4S, which left me the choice between accepting notrump or raising again. I picked 5C, and he bid 5NT. In retrospect, I should have bid 6C, since we have a chance at that. He had A-K of clubs and A-K-Q of hearts. We should be able to make 5 in either suit easily, losing only the queen of clubs and maybe a spade. Depending on Kevin's honors, we might have a shot at 6. Anyway, we managed to win the rubber in the end, cobbling together a game with plenty of overtricks, including an interesting spade contract where I was missing A-K-J-10 of trump. The opponents ended with Keith grossly underbidding his hand, ending up in 2S where 4 was the natural contract. Of course, I had A-Q-J-10 of spades and I don't think they could avoid a club loser as well, so they can't make 4. Interesting coincidence.

Today's Work: Six new reviews came to me, due at close of business. Ha. Ha ha. Ha ha ha no. I don't think anyone expected me to get them all done, so I did the two that made sense because they were independent enough, and looked over the other four as best I could. One of the developers did thank me for doing such thorough reviews, which is really just my job, but also a matter of pride. Sometimes, I read through a change report, see no problems, then see the next change report, where something that was a problem in the previous change report is fixed. I should have noticed that myself. Granted, problems big enough to break the actual functionality of the system should be caught during the development testing, so most of what I find are smaller problems that would only affect the system in error cases, coding style issues that make the program confusing yet still functional, and gotos. Still, I've seen a few things that probably wouldn't work as intended, so it's definitely not a waste of time.

I finally figured out that I can hold right to speed through scenes I've already watched in 999, which has cut down significantly on how long it takes me to reach new endings. I've got one bad ending left to find, and I'm pretty sure I know how to get to it, now that I've figured out how decisions other than which numbered doors to enter affect the plot. (Which is to say, going through different sets of doors can affect what happens when you go through later doors. It's interesting when you know how it works.) I'm letting the 3DS charge for the night, though... and I should get to bed. I'm probably going to preorder FFXIII-2 tomorrow on my way to pick up the package which is waiting for me at the post office. I'm pretty happy about that. Then I can order some from Amazon... I've got a gift card that I should use up.
I went across town this morning to pick up the Doctor Who package and preorder FFXIII-2. Unfortunately, one of the DVDs I ordered was missing from the package. It was on the invoice and the manifest, but not in the box. I contacted the company, and almost immediately got a reply that they'll ship it on Monday. I figure it was just the result of my ordering snafu - when they removed the duplicate DVD from the order, they also removed one that was one number removed from it. Further repercussions of my own mistake, so not a problem overall, but the DVD I have to wait for is The Five Doctors. After I was done putting all of that away and updating my list of episodes, I finished Demon's Souls. Now I'm watching the LP videos and learning some helpful things. I might make use of some of them during the second quest. More importantly, that leaves me free to play some of my other games. Not that I couldn't have done that before, and I have, but I've been so eager to see the end of the game that I didn't want to take it out of the system. Now I can play Rayman Origins and Catherine and... Dark Souls. All that fun stuff. Tomorrow. Plus, I need to return the slow cooker and do my usual food shopping in preparation for some long days ahead.

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