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January 3rd, 2012

Today's Bridge: I got a seat, and I got a few cards to play with as well. Paul misbid one hand where I had 19 points, four hearts, and four diamonds. I had a weak spade doubleton, so I opened 1D, he responded 1NT, and I bid 2NT as an invitation to game. He bid 3H, and figuring that he had four and had forgotten to bid them, I raised to game. We were off one. Had he bid 1H properly, I would have jumped to 3H, and he'd leave it there. The most interesting hand from my perspective saw Paul open 2C while I had S x-x-x H J D 10-x-x-x-x C 10-x-x-x. I bid 2D, he predictably bid 2H, I bid 3D, and he left it there. (Ironically, I considered myself too weak for 2NT and had to go up to the three level.) He had S A H A-Q-9-x-x D A-K-Q-x C Q-J-x, and when Dan started with the ten of hearts from his K-10, I managed to sluff three of my clubs on the hearts (after ruffing the low one) to make 6. Even if the opponents cash their two clubs early, we're still going to make 5 with the heart finesse working and the K-10 falling in two tricks. For the final hand, I had minimal support for Paul's 2S opener with S 4-3-2 H x-x D Q-x-x C A-x-x-x-x, and we ended up in 3S, making it when Mike threw away the top diamond to hold onto the top club. I'm pretty sure Paul had ruffed a club earlier.

I'm going back and forth between work sites this week, which isn't too bad. It just means I have to remember to bring my laptop with me and remember which site to drive to each day. Maybe I should have BCCed my home account the information. It's not that complicated, though.

I finally got around to placing an order with whona.com, but I screwed up. I was going down my list of which episodes I have and which I need, and managed to order a set that includes a particular serial as well as that serial on its own. I've E-mailed them to ask that they remove the duplicate item from the order or cancel the order so I can place it without the duplicate... we'll see what comes out of that. I took the Consumerist-backed tactic of telling them how much business I plan to give them (since it's my first order, I'm not a long-standing customer yet, but since my first order was almost $500, I think they'll trust me), so hopefully they'll be a bit more eager to make sure I get what I want. Worst case, I can make an appointment to bring the DVD back to them for a refund next time I'm up in Indy, since I should be able to stay until Monday morning on the holiday weekend and just stop there on the way back home. Either way, I'll have made a big dent in the set of missing episodes on my list, including most of the audio-only episodes, with a few that I haven't heard yet. I should probably have ordered The Evil of the Daleks, which wasn't in any of the sets I ordered, but no sense ordering too much at once, right? Plus, the BBC could always decide to make a fourth set with the late Second Doctor lost episodes, which would include that one, and hopefully The Wheel in Space, which I haven't been able to find anywhere yet. Well, anywhere with a reasonable price... I could pay over $350 for it on Amazon, but I think I'll wait until my collection is considerably more complete before resorting to that. On the other hand, Amazon offers some of the TV episodes that I haven't found elsewhere on DVD for quite reasonable prices... I may have to order some of those. Probably not right now, but soon. Before they sell out, anyway.

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