December 23rd, 2010

Moa: The King of Destruction

Okay, if it has to snow, bring it on. I don't have anywhere to go for over a week.

Obviously, there weren't enough people to play Bridge today... at least, of those who could spare the time. So I joined Ken for a few hands of two-player Zombie Fluxx. He won the first when I miscounted the number of cards for a winning move and left myself one play from victory, and I won the second with a well-timed cancelation of the rule that prevented my Zombie-Repellent spray from working and a free turn - I had two spare plays or so when I sent all of the zombies to his side, stole his car, and became the sole survivor. The third round wasn't going well, as I sent all of my zombies to his side only to have him reshuffle the Keepers and Creepers, giving me the Friend that lured them all to my side. I used the Ungoal I had in my hand to declare Zombie Victory before things could get any worse. It was about time to end lunch anyway, so we just ended in a three-way tie.

Today's Work: I'd forgotten that I still had sequence diagrams to put in the document. Fortunately, they were all done, although I could do with making a few more. However similar they may be to the ones already there, there's never any harm in having more. Unfortunately, that was the time I was going to use doing cleanup and working out the requirements mapping. There's always next week if I feel like trying to get ahead.

No video work again tonight, although I previewed the Rayman Pencil Pentathlon video to see if an idea that I had would work for it. I think it will. It's still two days before Christmas, and I don't think anything interesting will happen tomorrow, so I might be able to get a lot done and maybe even post updates for both Rayman and Space Quest on Christmas day. At least it'll be something to do.

Oh, and I got my car to the dealership this morning. Not only did the parts guy give me the part number and the phone number of a junkyard that might have a much cheaper rim, but the service guys took the car in and inspected the tire and rim. They said it looked perfectly fine and the pressure was steady (which it has been), so there was no need to do anything about it. Maybe the Wal-Mart guys just didn't seal it properly the first time, and that's why it sprang a leak again. Whatever the case, I know what the likely culprit is if there is another leak, and if not, then good, no more leaks. That's the way it SHOULD work.