December 8th, 2010

Moa: The King of Destruction

Me, humble? Nah. I don't do that.

Today's Bridge: Only three people showed up. It occurs to me that I never did take a break. Too much to do. I was also distracted because the A/C finally came back on.

Today's Work: More diagrams, more things that I discovered I needed to do, and some big simplifications. Rather than having all of my classes store pointers to each other, I'll just put all of them in one class and give the other classes a pointer to that one. That also makes the constructors simpler, since I only have one pointer to pass around and I don't need to get information from a class to pass to another anymore - they can just get it themselves.

I got a Space Quest video done in a hurry so I could watch Hell's Kitchen. Fun episode. Hell's Kitchen was also good. (Heh.)