November 29th, 2010

Moa: The King of Destruction

Never did get around to claiming a gift on Steam - I think it's gone now.

Happy birthday to razzle.

Today's Bridge: Collapse )

Today's Work: I've got to create the same pair of diagrams for about fifty different functionally identical classes. I hate certain parts of my job.

On the plus side, I beat two of the hardest Rayman levels with all of the cages collected, so I never have to play them again. I lost a lot more lives in each than I wanted to, but the results were too entertaining not to keep. This also buys me another month or two before I run out of video. I'll need that.

It's raining, which means there will probably be ice tomorrow morning, and my tire was definitely a bit deflated after work. I filled it up, and the pressure light didn't come on during the drive home, but I expect it's losing air pretty quickly now. It's the tire I had replaced a few years ago, too... I really don't want to replace it again, but maybe buying from a shop in town where I can return if I have problems again will get me a better quality tire. Or they might be able to repair the one I have. I just need to pick between Wal-mart and Pep Boys, because I don't want to take another day off work to get it done. I suppose I could schedule a day while Mom's here and ask her to do the driving that day, but because the dealership has already failed to find the problem, I want a second opinion before I pay to replace the newest tire on my car. I thought I got pretty good service from Pep Boys when I first moved here, but I can combine a Wal-mart run with the service run if I go there instead. I'll just keep it inflated until this weekend, in either case.