November 11th, 2010

Moa: The King of Destruction

Grand Guignol Orchestra is a weird series, but I think I like it.

The techs arrived not too long after the scheduled appointment, and the first pair was baffled about what was happening. They ran the heater until the whole house smelled like burning plastic, but couldn't figure out what was wrong with the fan. They had to leave for another appointment, but another pair of techs arrived in short order to pick up where they left off. Finally, they discovered that the thermostat has a switch on the back for gas heat or electric, and it was set to gas. So the thermostat thought that the gas heater was using its own fan, and didn't turn on the one that's actually there. Oops. It should be working now.

In the meantime, I spent part of the day doing Let's Play work, and most of the rest playing more Dante's Inferno. I think I'm well past the hard part now, because I've been making a lot of progress and not getting stuck very often. Collapse )

So, not exactly a day marked by accomplishments, but I got a lot done in a manner of speaking. I even caught the people repainting our parking space numbers in an error - they painted the wrong number on my space, and had to scrape off the paint and repaint the correct number. Oops.