November 4th, 2010

Moa: The King of Destruction


Today's Bridge: I was the lowest of the top four, but that was good enough. Keith was strangely reluctant to support Ken's bids when they had trump fits, which resulted in them missing a grand slam in the only contract they made. Ken declared the first five contracts and only made that one. I was pretty weak in most of those hands, and Ken pre-empted at 3C the only time I even had a hand to bid. But Paul and I reached 4S in the last hand, and he even went into a cue-bidding sequence at a low level. He determined that we were missing the ace of diamonds, though, so he closed at 4S. Made it, too, which put us well ahead thanks to all the set points.

Today's Work: More questions to answer, with a little more work on the documentation.

I updated my 360 to the new Dashboard tonight... it doesn't look much different, but I love the way they think I need a tutorial. I could have used a tutorial in scrolling the user agreement - how often do you have to use the right analog stick outside of a game?

Speaking of using the right analog stick, it was the key to beating Cerberus in Dante's Inferno, as I discovered last night. Who would have guessed that dashing INTO the mouths was the key to survival? I'm serious. It took a while, but I managed to beat it, and then had a lot of trouble with a sandworm. Then had a lot of trouble with a room full of sandworms. Once I remembered that I have a ranged attack and didn't need to get within biting distance, they were a lot easier, and I finally reached the save point so I wouldn't have to refight Cerberus. But I had a little time left and decided to keep going to see what was coming up. In the next minute or so, I gained an Unholy level and bought another Relic slot, which gives me the chance to equip more Relics that I don't really need, and the last Relic slot will require Holy level 4... so I'm debating switching to the "more Holy experience" relic and going for that next. I could also pay for some of the upgrades, I suppose... I only have two spells, and neither is particularly useful, but I don't know what I'd do with more of them, and the additional relics would just be more stuff I probably wouldn't bother to equip. Plus, it'll be more fun to beat the game naturally, assuming I can. But having accomplished that much, even as easy as it would be to do again, I didn't want to quit, so I got through the gauntlet of enemies, a boss (easy one, only took two tries - I expect I'll see them later as regular enemies), and a puzzle room where I'm pretty sure I missed a collectible, to reach the next save point only about 15 minutes after I wanted to go to bed. I have plenty of time tonight and may go ahead and play something, but I've got LP work to do first, and I have to fill out that Nielsen book so I can get them all in the mail tomorrow.