October 26th, 2010

Moa: The King of Destruction

Naru Narusegawa is Akane Tendo in a bad Ranma fanfic. True story.

Today's Bridge: Paul and I teamed up against Brandy and Mike. That should pretty much summarize the results, sad to say. I don't think Brandy did anything wrong, particularly in taking Mike's inexperience into account. Mike is only an occasional player, so he hasn't learned how the back-and-forth of bidding works. That leaves him passing his partner's 1S opening bid when they've got a great play at 4S. (As he played it, he took two rounds of clubs, then cashed the ace of clubs before leading a low club into Paul's ruff, throwing the board's low spade under Paul's - I think if he ruffs the low one first, then crosses back to his hand, pulls the last round, and cashes the ace, he makes 4.) About the only thing I did all day was declare a 3NT with five almost guaranteed diamond tricks (four if it's a 5-0 split), three guaranteed heart tricks (and a fourth if they split well, but I didn't play for it), and the two black aces. I could have played for more clubs, but the opening spade lead pulled my ace, and all I had left were two tiny ones.

Today's Work: Outlook won't even run anymore, but while I was on the phone waiting to get through the call queue, I had to hang up and retreat for a tornado warning. Then there was lunch, and a meeting in the afternoon, so there wasn't much chance to try again. I'll get it eventually. I got to spend some time working on my design, at least. I think I'm content with it for now. Might just post it tomorrow morning and call it finished. My big question is whether it's appropriate to use struct-style classes (all public members) instead of having to use private variables and accessor functions. When there's no error-checking or class operations, that seems like a waste.

We had a pretty full mailbox today, including the Neilsen booklets. Gotta remember to fill them out this week, starting Thursday. But if I were that not-lazy, I'd have done something about this pile of receipts weeks ago.

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