October 5th, 2010

Moa: The King of Destruction

I have some time tonight. I need to use it well.

Today's Bridge: I got lucky when it came to drawing cards, and almost as lucky with the hands. Dan overbid a few early ones, landing us in contracts we couldn't make, but I got two 3NT in a row with two overtricks when the opponents attacked my strong suits. I didn't have many stoppers in one suit each time, but as long as I still had one, I could give up tricks or run no-risk finesses to pick up more tricks. Neither contract was at all in danger - I even opened the first one 2NT because I was incredibly strong and loved my A-K-Q-J-5 of clubs enough to be willing to accept the 7-x of hearts. Dan had A-J-x, so I was okay there. In our final hand, I had the amazing S A-Q-x-x H A-Q-x D 8-7 C A-Q-x-x. Brandy opened 1D to my right, so I naturally doubled. (Okay, it was takeout, not "natural", but who talks about natural doubles?) Paul responded 3D, and Dan passed, so I had to let it go. It turned out that Dan had seven little hearts and a side jack, which would have made 3H all but guaranteed with six heart tricks and the three aces - every side suit finesse would be an overtrick. I'd have raised to 4, which is easily made by finessing Brandy's lead. However, in the actual hand, I had to start with a diamond, and Paul laid down S x-x H x D K-Q-J-10-x-x C J-10-x-x. Dan didn't have any diamonds. Brandy led a low heart, so I took the queen and led my other diamond, which he took in his hand to lead the king of clubs. I covered it, obviously, but then needed an exit card, and I was out of trump. I was determined not to let him set up the clubs, so I was blind to the winning club lead. He'd thrown both of the low diamonds from the board, so he had no exits in diamonds. He can win the club on the board, but he's stuck there. He can exit in clubs, and I can put him right back again. He's stuck leading a spade, which sets up my two winners there for the setting tricks. Instead, I chose a heart, and he sluffed a spade from the board and took his king. I really blew that one.

Today's Work: I'm discovering that it's not particularly difficult to turn a description of a radar interface into a description of an alarm manager, until you get to the descriptive part. Then there's a lot more thinking involved. Still, if they want an alarm manager that interfaces with a radar instead of managing alarms, then my work is done! I don't think they do.

There's a meeting in town tomorrow, a teleconference to go over what I estimate to be about a billion comments, so tomorrow will be a bit less hectic than most days. That's good, because I think it's Hell's Kitchen night. They've distracted me by moving it to Wednesday this season.

Lacking anything else to talk about, the last entry for the anime and manga meme that I've typed ahead of time. This one... is probably more eccentric than most, and if you haven't seen how my answers are different from anyone else's so far, this should make it quite clear.

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And now I have to get back to writing more of these meme entries ahead of time, or I'll be typing all evening every evening to keep up.